Head Chef

Title: Executive Chef

Rank: Officer, 3 stripes

Department: Galley Department

Main function: Galley Operation, entire Food Production

Reports to: Hotel Manager, Corporate Hotel Manager, Chief Operations Officer    Direct

Subordinates: Sous Chef, Chef de Partie, Butcher, Baker, Pastry, Galley Steward

Next in Command: Sous Chef

Cabin: Single


  • Must have completed apprenticeship as a Cook in a hotel or restaurant
  • Must be above average in speaking and writing the English language and must understand and be able to communicate in German
  • Must have Typing skills, Windows 7, Windows 95-2000, Word, Excel, Lotus CC:Mail (or similar Email system like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes). Additional: any stock control system.
  • At least 10 years of cuisine background is essential, additionally four years in the cruise ship industry required
  • Must be skilled in every part of international cooking. A very good knowledge of all ingredients that are used in the modern cuisine. A good sense of diplomatic leadership of a multi-national galley crew. The Executive chef must be familiar with food-cost calculations, quality control, and production control of passenger and crew menus.
  • Must have Vessel Sanitation experience
  • Must be knowledgeable in HACCP
  • Must be knowledgeable in ISM regulation


The entire galley and all other areas of Food Preparation and Food Service outlets.


  • Hotel Manager : All operational, personnel matters, food costs, quality and purchasing
  • Chief Engineer: Equipment maintenance
  • Restaurant Manager: Menu control, work procedures and service


  • Be friendly to passengers and crew as well as focused on your work, this will result in good teamwork with best achievements in guest satisfaction.
  • The Executive Chef in connection with the Sous Chef must work on a tight checking list for perfect food handling, food preparation, and cleanliness.
  • Check lists in F & B manual are to be used modifications and improvements are to be suggested and to be approved by the Director of Hotel Operations.
  • The entire production to be based on menu and recipes outlined in the F&B manual, section ‘Food Standards -. Recipes’.
  • Supervise and assist daily meal production in the hot galley. Control correct storing in temperature and covering.
  • Food tasting before every service starts.
  • The Executive Chef is directly responsible for the food cost onboard the vessel.
  • He is to ensure that the quality of food production meets the standards set by the company and at the same time does not exceed the budgeted cost.
  • The Executive Chef must approve the requisitions of the galley section heads and ensure that correct ordering procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • Furthermore, he/she is to ensure that quantities ordered are correct and online with the production planning.
  • The food production is to be based on the concept outlined in the F&B manual.
  • The Executive Chef is directly responsible that these guidelines are strictly adhered to.
  • Changes, adaptations or modifications are to be approved by the Director of Hotel Operations.
  • The Executive Chef is directly responsible, that his galley section heads are fully aware of company standards concerning food production, food presentation, food handling, controlling procedures and the vessel sanitation and health program.
  • Galley section heads are to be constantly evaluated by the Executive Chef and trained (retrained) if required. Training must be including physical demonstrations of food preparation.
  • All new galley section heads are to be trained and closely supervised for at least three first cruises. The Executive Chef is to ensure, that the galley section heads train their subordinates, constantly evaluate their skills and retrain if required.
  • The Executive Chef or a capable Chef designated by him must hold menu briefings each Lunch or Dinner in the restaurant and ask waiters to explain the dishes.
  • Special focus is to be on new restaurant personnel.
  • The Executive Chef will evaluate his direct subordinates on a regular basis using the Crew Evaluation Form.
  • Following the evaluation is a conversation with the evaluated Crewmembers on a one-to-one basis, where the strong and the weak points are to be discussed and goals are set for future improvement.
  • The Executive Chef is directly responsible that all galley crew concerned strictly follows the guidelines for handling and cleaning of machines and equipment and their section heads properly trains that galley crew.
  • Repair orders (AVOs) should be passed on to the Hotel Manager as soon as possible.
  • The Executive Chef is to follow up on outstanding repairs and communicate accordingly with the Chief Engineer.
  • If un-operational equipment impairs passenger service it is considered an emergency. The F&M Manager is to be contacted and a written report must follow and be submitted to the Hotel Manager and to the Captain.
  • To be aware and follow security/fire/safety procedures according to the Ship’s rules and regulations.


  • Daily contact and exchange of information with all section heads in the galley. A meeting with the entire galley staff at least once during the cruise ideally daily.
  • A daily communication with the Restaurant Manager must be done with use of the Restaurant Log book.


The Executive Chef is required to visit passenger tables at all sittings at least once a voyage, preferably one or two days before the comment cards are distributed. He is always presented at Captain’s welcome party. He must also be present on at least 2 evenings in the bar and attend one function e.g. repeaters party.


  • The Executive Chef must be able to successfully lead a multi-national galley crew and be aware of methods to motivate the crew. He must be aware of the needs of the galley section heads and respective crew and do his utmost to meet all reasonable requests.
  • All galley section heads and respective crew must be informed of menu and meal time changes, new products, passenger numbers and all relevant information concerning the galley.
  • The galley notice board must be orderly and the information thereon constantly updated.
  • It is expected that the Executive Chef is fully aware of the company standards in his department. The Executive Chef must know the various job descriptions of each crewmember in the galley operation. Ensure that the set standards are held and crew members work according to their respective job descriptions.

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