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What you should know when applying for a job:

How does Cruisinc deal with the risk of Coronavirus?

Cruisinc undertakes all necessary measures and follows solid procedures to minimize the risk of the new Coronavirus. Everybody who comes onboard is obliged to fill out a health questionnaire enabling Cruisinc and its partners to avoid any possibility for an outbreak. As an additional check, the body temperature of all guests and crew boarding is measured prior to their arrival. Detailed guidelines for safety and hygiene standards and additional outbreak management procedures under the new Coronavirus have been put in place and are provided to crew onboard for further consultation. We consider our crew and passengers safety onboard, our first priority.

What are the basic requirements for working onboard?

Our essential requirements are the following:
  • Hold a valid Passport or ID (minimum 1 year validity)
  • English and/or German and/or Dutch fluency relevant to your position
  • Tolerance and adaptability in an international team
  • Availability and flexibility throughout the season
  • All Galley crew must have an HACCP certificate or other equivalent food handling certificate.
The language requirements can vary depending on the position you are interested in and which vessel you are assigned to.

How do I apply for a job?

In order to apply for a job, please visit our recruitment portal: You need to fill out all the required information and once completed you can submit your application which is then automatically received by us. Once we have reviewed all your data, you will be informed whether your application has been successful or not.

Which vessel will I be working on?

This depends on the operational needs and how soon you are available. You will be working on one or more of our river cruise vessels. You will be informed in advance by the HR Team about the vessel name, boarding date and time as well as the docking location and contact numbers of the respective vessel.

What kind of contract will I get?

All our contracts are seasonal. As a standard, all our contract end dates are on the 5thof January of the following year. Our seasons generally run from March to November or January, depending on the vessel and if they have any trade fairs or winter cruises. When a vessel finishes sailing, you are offered the opportunity to move to another based on your performance and carry on working; or, your contract will be terminated per sailing end date.

Do I have to arrange my own transport to/from the vessel?

Yes, you are expected to make your own arrangements to the vessel at your own expense once you have received all the information regarding the vessels docking location from us. At the end of the season you also make your own arrangements to return home, in some exceptional cases the company may organize this for you. Only at the end of your contract, having completed the season in a good manner, or if you leave earlier on good terms and have worked onboard for no less than 6 months without any incidents or warnings of any kind, you may claim a maximum refund of 250 EUR for the whole trip (125 EUR per way). Example 1: A crew member has transport costs of 150 EUR for one way, they will be reimbursed maximum 125 EUR. Example 2: A crew member has transport costs of 75 EUR, they will be reimbursed the amount of 75 EUR.

Will I have health insurance coverage?

You are automatically enrolled for health insurance (excluding dental care) at the expense of the company for the duration of your employment. In case of sickness, you are solely responsible for the settlement of health insurance claims with the health insurance provider. All information will be provided via E-mail to your personal account from the insurance provider when your contract starts and is also readily available on the providers’ website in the terms and conditions. You must contact them regarding any further questions you may have regarding any refunds.

Do I have to pay taxes?

All crew are responsible for their Income Tax declaration upon returning to your home country.

Can I go home during the season for a week or two?

On a standard seasonal Employment Agreement, you are entitled to 1 paid day off per week on board (4 per month). If you would like to take off a few days in a row then you can collect these days off. Any days off cannot be pre-agreed as they depend on the operational requirements of the ship and are discussed directly with the hotel manager onboard. You are entitled to 4 days off per month, anything above this is considered unpaid leave, unless otherwise advised by the Company.

Will I be sharing a cabin?

Yes, you will be sharing a cabin with at least 1 other colleague, depending on the vessel. Those in most senior management positions are entitled to a single cabin.

Do I have to pay social insurance?

Your Social Insurance taxes are automatically paid in Cyprus each month as you will work under a Cypriot contract in accordance with the EU Cross Border working agreements and the A1 process which enables this. This means you can claim any unemployment benefits in your home country based on your Cypriot contributions if you have sufficient paid contributions.

Will a uniform be provided for me onboard?

Yes, you will received a uniform onboard. As these are sometimes not immediately available, all crew must take with them several items: Female crew: natural colored tights, a black knee length skirt and black trousers (NOT jeans). Black closed toe shoes (NOT trainers) which can have a low heel. White shirts (blouse). Plain white short sleeved T-shirts Hair must be worn up at all times, openly loose hair is not permitted. Large earrings are not permitted whilst on duty, only small studs should be worn. Male crew: White shirts, black closed shoes (NOT trainers), black trousers (NOT jeans), Plain white short sleeved T-shirts. Galley crew: All kitchen staff must bring a pair of safety shoes and may bring their own knives.

What are the standard items I need to pack?

Personal toiletries, sufficient clothes to last 10-14 days, proper black closed toe shoes, casual clothes and shoes to wear in your free time. Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover any taxi or train costs (recommended: 200 EUR).

Are there any general rules that I should follow whilst onboard?

Whilst onboard, we expect a friendly, positive and helpful attitude from you towards all passengers and your fellow colleagues. This includes maintaining a proper and well-groomed appearance whilst on duty as well as during your leisure time onboard. Smoking onboard is strictly forbidden at all times! No drinking alcohol shortly before or whilst on duty, and it should not affect your ability to work your next shift! Visible tattoos are not permitted onboard any of our vessels, should you have any they must be able to be completely covered up with a band-aid or Tattoo make-up.

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