Assistant Hotel Manager

Title: hotel manager
Rating: officer/ four stripes
Department: hotel
Reports to: corporate hotel manager/ operations manager/ hr manager
Subordinates: maitre d’/ head barman/ head cabin steward/ head chef
Cabin: single
Uniform male: black trousers, black closed-toe shoes, black socks, black belt
Uniform female: black skirt, black closed-toe shoes, natural tights, black belt



  • Must have knowledge of all hotel departments;
  • Must have refined skills in public relations which demands an excellent command of English and/or German language;
  • Must have at least three (3) years experience in Food and Beverage Department onboard a cruise vessel in addition to Management School with at least five (5) years in a Management position;
  • Must have minimum three (3) years vessel experience; Kitchen/ Stores/ Financial background necessary;
  • Must have typing skills;
  • Must have Computer skills: iOS, Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Outlook, Fidelio Cruise (or similar ship management software), Stock Control System;
  • Must be knowledgeable in HACCP;
  • Ability to manage Heads of Departments as well as the crew members;
  • Must be able to check cost control reports and be fully aware of the internal organisation of the Hotel Departments onboard;
  • Must be able to work flexible time schedule and to the Company’s standards.



  • Be friendly to passengers and crew as well as focused on job tasks;
  • Carry out all inspections as outlined in the Hotel Management Manual; check both crew and officer mess rooms before, during and after service, ensure mess rooms are clean;
  • Check on administration and working procedures and ensure they are carried out as stated in the Hotel Management Manual;
  • Ensure that all responsible Heads of Departments adhere to controlling procedures as outlines in the Hotel Management Manual;
  • Conduct sporadic inspections, using the check lists in the Hotel Management Manual set by the Company;
  • Follow the purchasing procedures;
  • Always act in the best interest of the Company with regard to minimising costs;
  • Ensure all machines and equipment are in good condition;
  • Supervise instruction program on handling of equipment for new crew members;
  • Handling procedures of already trained crew members to be revised;
  • Follow up on action required, outstanding repair list to be revised on a regular basis;
  • Ensure that all waste produced is handled according to the vessel’s regulations;
  • Responsible for all hygienic standards according to the Company’s and HACCP standards;
  • Coordinate the crew in emergency situations/ assist the passengers in case of evacuation;
  • Participate at Officers/ Captain dinner as requested;
  • Actively encourage all crew members to take part in entertainment whenever their duty allows;
  • Onboard sales must be coordinated together with the responsible Heads of Departments whereby the Hotel Manager is responsible to ensure that highest possible Revenue results are achieved;
  • Support and assist in all administrational matters;
  • Besides the training of all crew members, there is to be planned, organised and implemented a regular and permanent training program for the crew;
  • Regular check-ups of all departments are obligatory, and all complaints have to be dealt with immediately;
  • On a weekly basis a meeting must be held with the Heads of Departments and/or with Captain; all ideas, events (of the week or cruise) and all eventual solutions have to be recorded and forwarded to the Chief Operations Officer;
  • Other duties as requested by Head Office (HR Manager);
  • Always act professional and diplomatic and maintain close communication with all officers whilst protecting the interests of the operations contract;
  • Responsible for all work onboard, to and from the vessel; verifications of employment documents such as Passports/ IDs/ VISAs have to be done by the Hotel Manager;
  • Deal with passengers’ complaints in the most diplomatic way;
  • The relation between the Hotel Manager and the Captain must be very close;
  • Report to the Chief Operations Officer and Head Office and will not divulge any business or financial information to any third party;
  • The Hotel Manager is the most senior representative of the Company onboard, and he has together with the Captain, the responsibility of comfort for passengers, officers and crew members;
  • Evaluate all Heads of Departments every three (3) months and whenever a Head of Department is leaving the vessel;
  • Send cruise papers as soon as possible after completion report to Head Office by regular communication via the Company emails;
  • The Hotel Manager is held responsible for maintaining the highest possible quality standards through permanent control;
  • Review passenger ratings at each meeting and take immediate corrective action;
  • Request assistance of Corporate Hotel Manager, Chief Operations Office and Head Office at all times, when needed;
  • All matters in the Hotel Manager’s area of responsibilities are strictly confidential and must not be discussed or disclosed to any other member of the vessel or any other person unless it affects that person; all documents, reports, faxes (paper files) are to be filed in the Hotel Manager’s office as well as the financial reports are to be kept in a locked drawer; all official emails to be communicated to Head Office must be done under password protection if sent from the vessel.

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