Do I have to arrange my own transport to/from the vessel?

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Yes, you are expected to make your own arrangements to the vessel at your own expense once you have received all the information regarding the vessels docking location from us. At the end of the season you also make your own arrangements to return home, in some exceptional cases the company may organize this for you. Only at the end of your contract, having completed the season in a good manner, or if you leave earlier on good terms and have worked onboard for no less than 6 months without any incidents or warnings of any kind, you may claim a maximum refund of 250 EUR for the whole trip (125 EUR per way). Example 1: A crew member has transport costs of 150 EUR for one way, they will be reimbursed maximum 125 EUR. Example 2: A crew member has transport costs of 75 EUR, they will be reimbursed the amount of 75 EUR.
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